Cannon River Driving School

Pricing for Drivers Education Classes and Behind The Wheel Lessons

All prices shown are "package pricing" and include the lessons and courses for the prices listed below. If you need specialized training, or if you don't see what you need listed in the packages below, please contact us.

BTW Pricing - $255.00


Classroom Pricing - $125.00


Ashleigh from Hampton, MN reccomends Cannon River Driving School

Adam was a really good instructor. He not only helped me understand what was going on around me on the roads, but he showed me what I can do to be a safe driver. I got to learn the right and wrong things to do in situations which anyone can have happen on the roads. I would recommend Cannon River Driving school to anyone around who needs a fun, safe and experienced place to learn current driving skills.

Ashleigh B.
Hampton, Minnesota

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